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KKND2: Krossfire

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Strategies for Krossfire

Red Splat Krossfire has many difficult levels with no apparent solution. If this is the case for you, have a look at this page and you may find the right easy-to-follow strategy listed for your mission. I welcome submissions of your own strategies or alternate versions of the ones shown here. If you are stuck on a mission which isn't shown, all you have to do is ask.


Please request or submit your own strategy
* Survivors * Evolved * Series 9
Impending Annihilation 12 Operation Donut - Divide & Conquer 8
Fist in the Middle 10 Dam it Janet - 9 Grapes of Wrath -
Phoenix River Suicide Trip 16
The Great Escape 11
Kamikazee Squad 4
Robots Must Die! 13
Kamikazee Squad
This mission is very difficult if you don't know how to access the tech bunkers, I recommend you to save regularly in order to go back on failed attacks. Form your troops into three groups, using [Ctrl] and a number, one group of men, two for machines and a separate group for those crazy kamikazee, who will blow up your own troops if they can get the chance. This will make it much easier to control your units. Keep the kamikazee behind the other units at all times, search around the immediate area for any threats which could greatly hinder future actions.
March your units up the road and take out the Machine Gunners and War Mastodons. Send your men, not the kamikazee, down the side alley at the corner of the cross road, under the bridge, then south, avoiding the Death Hippo, then up the west side of the map, killing all the Berzerkers you see. You will find a Detention Center in the north-west of the map, destroy this and send all units back along the dried up canal, keep the men together, it is vital that all the Technicians arrive alive, use machines to clear the road to their north. Instruct a technician to open the tech bunkers.
Use the 21st century units and machines to trash the Evolved camp, it is possible for the 21st century units to be out of range of The Worms. Do not use the remaining men in this battle keep them safe, so they can be used to kill the two Crinoids and two Death Hippos to the south. If you are clever you can march one or two Machine Gunners ahead of a Kamikazee and destroy the Death Hippos with minimal fatalities. Continue north along the west side of the map, like before, and take out Evolved units along to the north of the map, a few Pit Scorpions and a couple men.
KKND2: Kamikazee Squad - Side-Alley/Destroying Detention Center
Divide & Conquer
You start the mission at the bottom left of the map. In order to successfully cross the river you must keep all units together, keeping Mobile Barn safely behind armed units. There will be a small resistance as you get closer to the bridge towards the east side of the map. Be careful not to go too close to the Survivors camp to the far east. Take out the Sentry Gun before crossing the river, this will stop your units being weakened as the cross the bridge.
Set up camp north of the bridge, in the space between the oil. When you have time, send a few units to destroy the bridge you came across. This will prevent any future attacks from the south-east camp. Send a Systech to open the Bunker and you will find the ultimate spying solution and transportation to get you across the river later in the mission.
The Survivor camp to the west will only send small attack parties, these can be easily fended off, due to the amount of oil puddles in you camp. Send Weed Killers to the heart of enemy camps by air. They will quickly do serious damage to enemy buildings and make their feeble attacks even more weak. When you see their empire crumbling direct 20 Tankbots to do their stuff.
By now, you should have a considerable number of troops. Airlift them to the other side of the collapsed bridge and then all together, march them towards the camp, leaving no traces of Survivor existence.
KKND2 - Divide and Conquer - 21st Century Airlifter flying over destroyed bridge
Grapes of Wrath
You can do what the robot in the briefing tells you to, or you can do what I did. Build technostudy and upgrade to full. Then upgrade barn to build low tech walls. Use one Sterilizer to kill the guys up near your oil. Keep the rest to guard the lower entrance. Build walls when necessary. Upgrade machine shop full. Build a Transport Dome. Build two Systechs, put them in the transport dome and send them strait up until you reach corner. You will be shot at, but frankly it won't matter. Use Systechs to open both tech bunkers. Start building Grim Reapers. Use Gort to wipe out the entire green base, than send him down to keep killing everything he encounters. Than take army of grim reapers to right of your base, and destroy red base with them. Once everything opposing you is gone, you have completed your mission. - Jay
Fist in the Middle
Press [Ctrl] and select all your troops with the mouse. Move them East and then North up the side of the map, destroy all the Evolved you see along the way. Move West when you reach the top of the map, where you will find a base which needs a little repair. The remainder of the mission is no problem, the oil will be flowing and you can make some cool units to destroy the Evolved base. KKND2 - Survivors Base to the North
The Great Escape
Send the captive to the far right hand corner beside a detention centre, through a tunnel, watch out for the Berzerkers as they partol the area. Around the time the Captive arrives at the Safe area, the Mobile Outpost appears from the South of the map. Deploy this in the centre of the valley area and set up base there, in an organised manner to maximise the space available. An Anaconda Tank and some men will shortly appear from the north near the safe area, send these at the entrance to the tunnel. Attack some passing Berserkas, then send the men to join the Captive, placing them in a line near the tunnel. Leave the Anaconda tank by the entrance and all future machines, futher men reinforments should join the first group near the Detention Centre.

Upgrade buildings in your base, attacks here are very small at the beginning, but after a time the Evolved send in Floaters and deploy two War Mastodons to the South-East of the small valley and another deployment of Crinoid and Pit Scorpion near the oil puddle in the valley. A really good tip is to have five Anaconda Tanks firing into the landing area of the Foaters. This destroys both the expensive air transport and the goods held inside! Build up your army in the South with Anaconda Tanks, gaurd each exit. You can hinder the enemies efforts by sending and Anaconda Tank just North of the base, and attack Bull Ant Tanks as they furnish the Evolved with resources. Instruct a hoard of Anaconda Tanks to go North-East and take out their Bazooka Batteries, don't bother with anything else. Do not send re-enforcements towards your base, otherwise they will be shot to pieces. Only when this task has been completed will the Airlifter come and land on the hill to the East of the map. Once the Captive is on the Airlifter tell it to fly back to your base.

  Move your captive to the safe area and once your base has kicked off move him to the top left corner again and down into the cul-de-sac (dead end) where it is extremely safe. You should move every reinforcement to wait at the mouth of this area and build your base as usual. Destroy all the anti-air guns and your transport comes. Pick up the captive and then bring him home. - Ken Koala
KKND2: Krossfire Screenshot - The Great Escape - Captive Safe Zone
Dam it Janet
Ok, you start out with all your buildings beat up for no apparent reason and your rigs about to be under attack. Don't be intimidated, this level is easy. First build a couple Pit Scorpions to kill the attack party and when they're done with that they can blow up the Macrounit Factory just above the entrance to your base (don't get too close to it, otherwise the Pod Cannons will get you).

Deploy your Mobile Clan Hall right where it is and recycle it, there is no reason to have two bases. Fix your buildings, recycle your Healing Tent and start upgrading! Do the Alchemy Hall first, then Power Station then Beast Enclosure, build another Tanker (and Scorpions to defend if necessary). Upgrade warrior hall once, train eight Rioters; send them out the top entrance and down to where the Microunit Factory can be found, above the macrounit factory in case you can't see it. When you have found the Microunit Factory, use Rioters to blow it up. They will keep trying to rebuild so leave rioters there to keep blowing it up. Send next batch of rioters down from oil rig and kill the Distance Seeder down the cliff and flatten any resistance.

After that's done wipe the pointless base out. Your ready to hit 'em where it hurts! Get a bunch of Rioters (about 15) and take them down to the ex-lower Series 9 base amd send them left from there. Keep them on top on cliff, don't send them left at base of cliff. Traverse across dam, and blow the crap out of their Oil Rigs. The Series 9 will then be broken and you should have no trouble destroying them all.   - Jay

Operation Donut
This level is awful. But this is what you gotta do: immediately take all units to the far right following the upper path. Keep two Spirit Archers in front to kill enemies on your way. When in corner, head strait down till your in the lower right corner. Use oil puddles to left and build camp. Immediately upgrade Clan Hall to build Low Tech walls, then build them. Establish big base while keeping the Series 9 back with the walls. Note: Do not blow up the bridge to left! It will make it nearly impossible to lead an effective strike against enemy. Ignore almost empty oil puddles, send death hippos left, up and across water when mass attack is ready. send non amphibious units to attack across bridge. Then you win!  - Jay
Impending Annihilation
Set up your camp and build all buildings, set up another drill rig and power station to the west of your camp around the skeleton. Upgrade all buildings (except power stations for this is unnecessary with this technology limit) set Grenadiers to constant construction and once you have a large army set up attack the Series 9 defence domes to the extreme North. You will need a few groups of these, one to destroy each dome.
Once the domes are out of the way build a few Technicians and send up north, through the trees beside the river, and cross the river where the enemy domes once existed One Technician will do but is better to have a few just in case you are attacked on the way there. Once you have crossed the river send your Technicians down south, pass two oil patches, until you reach a circle will some symbols on it. Send your Technician to this and a Sentry Droid will come out of the circle. He is very strong but can shoot himself if you are not careful, he'll destroy anything he's told to, within reason, but is very susceptible to being attacked form all directions. Using the Droid and a few other men, Grenadiers and Hover Buggies, destroy the Series 9.
Before doing this is wise to send an army of fast moving vehicles up to the north, past the sentry domes, and west. You will weave trough a few ridges and dodge to more towers, until you come to an oil rig. Destroy it and this will slow their construction by a great deal. You don't need to worry about getting this army home for they are not needed, they can put up an good fight though. - Jonathan Puddle
Robots Must Die!
Move your two mobile buildings in the far corner. Tell them to hide south east of the building to their left. Press [F] for fight mode when the Series 9 robots turn up. Follow the road left, down and left by the river then go down into the gully, where you will find some more men waiting for you. Tell the men to destroy the bridge you passed. Destroy the electric fence of the small Series 9 base Use laser troopers to destroy tower and the tell them all to destroy the other tower. Destroy their base and set up camp. Tell most of your men to go back to the start position and down the road and destroy that bridge. This stops future attacks from the east.
Use your well-developed skill to build a massive base and knock down any more bridges you see to the south. When you have lots of fire power attack the base to the south of you. Continue to follow the roads around the huge map and destroy all you see, there will be a few other bases which can all be accessed without the need of airlifting.


  Now listen up! This level is the hardest Survivor level in the entire game. You start off with some infantry, a M obile Base and an Oil Tanker. First move all your units the Mobile Buildings first of course. You should see a couple of robots to deal with. Let the Mobile's take the damage while your infantry destroy the robots (The Mobile's should not be destroyed if you did it right) then leave your Mobile's back at the starting point. Then with all your infantry move west and destroy the high tech wall. 

Afterwards you should move somewhere South where there a lot of buildings clustered together. Here you should see a lot of Survivor infantry forces. Bring them with you to the starting point and order the infantry to destroy the bridge to the south. This is important later in the game. Then destroy the Radiators and the tower and begin building a base after you destroy the little Series 9 base. 

Think it's over not even close. Now you got two more bases to deal with who will go bananas and try to destroy your new base. Immediately get the resources going, get a Research Lab and upgrade the Armory to the max. You're gonna need the High Tech Towers to deal with large numbers of forces that come charging at your base. Yeah, and also place some Technicians near the towers in case it comes under heavy fire. 

After you have the power to deal with the enemy start building an attacking force (not a vehicle force you moron an air force). You try sending a large vehicle force against the Series 9 in this level and they're gonna get creamed by well positioned high tech towers and grim reapers. A better way to defeat them is to build an air force which should compose of 4 Orvilles Fighters and 5 Wilburs Bombers and also get a repair constructible to repair your air units. Head to the large base on the west and immediately destroy the AA towers and any other unit that can fire back at ya. You might have to bring some units back for repair because of heavy fire or perhaps build some more air units. Once you're done wit the AA towers, The Mobile AA unit and the Rocket soldiers you should immediately toast their resources. Then destroy their Barn (very important considering that without it they can't build any AA towers which could ruin your mission pretty darn quick.) Then every thing else. Now you have a much smaller less defended base north west to deal with.

You shouldn't have any problems wit this one. Now Finally for the easy part (guess you being waitin' for dis one Huh?) simply destroy the remaining units on the map. Oh yeah! and make sure you save your game often during this mission in case anything went wrong. - Karthik"The Killer" Shivaji

Phoenix River Suicide Trip
The mission briefing gives you a clue, send units which can travel on water up the river, tell them to wait just out of range from the three Pod Cannons. Send some men and a few Technicians with them, through the woods by the river, and stop them before they reach the Pod Cannons. When you have enough water units to distract the Pod Cannons for a few seconds, send the Technicians across the river and down the other side. You will find a tech bunker with enough long range fire power to annihilate Series 9.

Build less than 10 Hovers up the river, 9 Anaconda tanks and 2 Cannon Towers to defend your base, and hundreds of Grenadiers and Flamers to destroy enemy base.
Note:  Never attack from the front entrance of the enemy base. - Evan Xu

KKND2: Krossfire Screenshot - Pheonix River Suicide Trip - Tech Bunker on other side of river

 Laser Trooper


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