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KKND2: Krossfire

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Red Splat This is my excellent Krossfire page with everything you could hopefully want from this sort of page, including two cool custom missions. The people at Melbourne House have awarded a prize for this page. Please have a go at the cool Krossfire quiz, test your knowledge of the game. I have set up the first Krossfire Clan for you to join to meet other gamers who want to play you online. You can request or submit your own strategies, a map is provided so mission names need not have to be remembered.

Screenshot of Introduction demo

Red Splat Here is a screenshot of the demo which flashes on the screen when the main menu gets bored, this is an actual mission demo from the Series 9.

Red Splat I have made a couple custom missions: Treble Trouble and Camp Inspection. Treble Trouble has all three armies battling away for supremacy. You have a few Survivor units, from which you must set up a base and then destroy all traces of the Evolved and Series 9. With the Series 9, you lead a Camp Inspection through enemy territories, and I think it is even better than Treble Trouble. Another mission has just been released: Oil Hunt, you can download it here. The first two missions have been remade due to invincible enemy units! If you have any comments, please mail me!


Treble Trouble Camp Inspection
Treble Trouble - Defending the base Camp Inspection - Undefended Oil Rig disappears of the face of the Earth
Trash the Evolved and Series 9 camps and destroy their armies. Their armies are strong, but nothing can stop you now!
Attempts, by the enemies, have been made to weaken and wipe clean a small, but strong Series 9 camp. Punish their insolence by destroying their camps.
[] Loadsa fighting, with severe enemy forces to reckon with!
[] Opponents include two Survivor and one Evolved army.
[] Realistic Scenery, containing stagnant pools and old ruins.
[] Secondary AI base to help you krush the enemy
[] Tried and tested to keep you busy throughout the mission
[] Strategic points throughout map. Areas where both you and the enemy are vulnerable.
[] Evolved (orange) and Series 9 (turquoise) as your enemies
[] Alternative attack options and enemy aerial offensive
[] Tactical points and cliffs, strike your enemy's power supplies
[] Oil points to fight over and burn
[] Enough room to build a massive base
[] Continual pressure from enemy camps throughout the game
[] Download Treble Trouble (710KB)
View mission map
View in-battle screenshot
[] Download Camp Inspection (740KB)
View mission map
Oil Hunt
Treble Trouble - Defending the base
Guide your precious Mobile Derrick through enemy territory and deploy on a large oil reserve in an abandoned base.
[] Survivor flesh to disassemble throughout your journey
[] Enemy units will chase you along your trail if you are not Meticulous.
[] Skill needed to plot a safe (or less dangerous) route, through ground and air fire.
[] Areas where certain units can and others cannot, with full usage of infantry and machines.
[] Reinforcements to keep you going through the initially demanding phase of the mission
[] Adequate supply of oil to grow an army nearly large enough to match the Survivors.
[] Download Oil Hunt (725KB)
View mission map


Red Splat I have built a cool 256 colour icon library from images, screenshots and designs from KKND2 Krossfire. Please download them (35KB) and use them as the shortcut icons and files for your computer.

KKND2 Icon Pack

KKND2: Krossfire Tips

Red Splat
Plan your base before starting to build, Machine Shop should have enough space around it to allow all units to vehicles to exit quickly. If there is an oil puddle nearby, build the building in its general direction, so when the Power Station is built, it will be close to the oil.


Red Splat
Try to upgrade the Research Lab first as this will greatly reduce cost and time with all the remaining upgrading.  


Red Splat
Keep a watch around you base on cliff tops, or regular scout parties as the crafty enemy may try to build towers which will greatly hinder future attacks. Like a lawn, regularly mowing keeps weeds out. Watch out for Oil Rigs nicking your oil.

Sometimes the enemy puts a oil derrick away from any defence. If they do this, I have found that you can place one of your own oil tankers in front of the derrick so that their tankers can't get to it. This rocks!! - Shadow King


Red Splat
Survey the enemy's base using aircraft, if you see no anti aircraft towers, you're laughing. For bombing: rest the bombers close to the base, saving loads of time. They won't know what's hit them!


Red Splat
Outpost is fully upgraded, build high-level energy alternative power buildings, these really boost you output. Low-level power has little use as it is expensive and probably won't get your money's worth.
Red Splat
Load an airplane up with Kamikazee units and try to land in the middle of the enemy's camp and unload the Kamikazees - Boom! Attack a defence tower with lots of cheap units and then send in the Kamikazees after them from a different angle. While the defence is attacking those who first got within its range, the Kamikazees can sneak in and destroy the tower. - Garland


Red Splat
All units are much more efficient when they are Veteran status (red border on health), units will be able to take far more damage and men will heal up quickly (taking steroids or regular exercise?). Get them to shoot up small enemy groups from a cliff and then they will be ready for anything.
I like to send a mobile repair unit into battle with my large units. Once a skirmish is over, the repair unit can fix them all and soon you have a fleet of large veteran units. - Garland


Red Splat
This is actually a trick that can be used with any race. Using this start I have wiped out whole bases, or damaged them enough so ground attack will kill them off. Hope you like it, it is quite hard to save your air carrier though.
1.  Build a troop carrier
2.  Build a large constructable S.APC with the explosive upgrade and radarjam and armour.
3.  Make a five Kamikazees or equivalent and put them in your constructable unit.
4.  Put your constructable unit in the air carrier.
5.  Send your air unit into a unit air free bit of the enemy base, unload your plane, then your constructable unit, get the plane away, and let the kamikazees do their stuff and move your bomb vehicle next the a few buildings and let it be blown away! -


Red Splat Diagram of the neat graph facility in Splash, displaying the comparative ratings of the KKND games to date. I hope there will be more to come, but I will need a bigger chart!
KKND Xtreme
KKND2: Krossfire

New Unit designed by Axeman

Red Splat A new KKND 2 Krossfire site emerges from the dust, Planet KKND 2. If you have anything to contribute to the KKND 2 world, do so here where KKNDMaster, BennyBarrageCraft and Nahoo maintain its pages night and day.

Planet KKND 2

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